“How to Create Interest in Maths: Unlocking the Magic of Numbers”

How to Create Interest in Maths: Unlocking the Magic of Numbers

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Maths is a subject from which several students are afraid of. It’s not the fault of students only but also of the teachers who teach them maths in such a way that they do not understand the basic concepts and create a phobia of calculations and numbers in their mind. However, students can built genuine interest in mathematics if maths taught to them in different manner like practical applications, its beauty, etc. By making maths an enjoyable experience, students can get a life long attraction and appreciation for this essential and most crucial subject. Here in this blog we will discuss some of the strategies to help you boost the knowledge of mathematics, unlock the magic of numbers which can create a true interest in mathematics. 

Understanding the Importance of Mathematics

Mathematics is not just playing with number and equations, it is the language of universe. Maths is present everywhere is this entire universe, from the symmetry of flower to calculations during space exploration. Maths play a vital role in understanding and navigating our world and universe. Realizing the importance and relevance of mathematics in life can generate curiosity of students for maths.

how to create interest in maths

Connecting Math to Real-Life Situations

The most effective and entertaining way to generate interest in maths is to study it by connecting maths with real life scenarios. It can be done in several ways like measuring ingredients in a recipe or it can be calculating the total cost while shopping, maths is everywhere. Here we will demonstrate how maths solves everyday problem which makes it more relatable and less intimidating.

Mathematics in Daily Life

In our daily life we counter various opportunities to practice maths, which encourages children to engage in activities like:

  • Budgeting and Saving: Teaching and Practicing the basics of problems related to addition, subtraction, and percentages which will help in topics like budgeting and saving money.
  • Cooking and Baking: Enhancing fractions and ratios to use measurements and conversions.
  • Shopping and Discounts:  Start Practicing to calculate discounts and final prices to strengthen skills in percentage and increase in mental ability.

Incorporating Technology and Interactive Tools

In today’s world the growing technology has provided innovative tools to make maths more interesting and engaging. Several apps, games are built up which are transforming traditional maths problems into exciting challenges. These tools are made from highly advanced technology which gives the immediate feedback to students about their skills and performance, this will help students to understand their mistakes and helps to solve their problems and learn more effectively.

how to create interest in maths

Educational Math Apps

Few Educational Apps which makes maths fun and interactive for students are as follows:

  • Khan Academy: Offers comprehensive lessons in various math topics with interactive exercises.
  • Prodigy: A role-playing game that incorporates math problems into its gameplay.
  • GeoGebra: A dynamic mathematics software that brings geometry, algebra, and calculus to life.

Gamifying the Learning Experience

Learning maths in form of game can significantly enhance engagement and motivation for students. Math games encourage competition among students and provide sense of achievement which help them to boost their interest in maths. Games can be in any form like, through board games, card games, or it can be online platforms, gamifying maths makes the learning maths a rewarding experience.

Popular Math Games

  • Math Bingo: Combines the fun of bingo with math problems.
  • Sudoku: Enhances logical thinking and number placement skills.
  • Math Jeopardy: A classroom adaptation of the popular TV game show that tests math knowledge in a fun and interactive way.

Utilizing Vedic Techniques in Mathematics

Vedic Mathematics is one of the most finest and most valuable ancient system of Indian Education and mathematics that it simplifies complex problems and calculation through mental techniques. These method increase the ability of mind to think and calculate faster in the mind which can make learning maths quicker and more enjoyable.

Popular Vedic Math Techniques

  • Vertically and Crosswise: A technique for rapid multiplication.
  • Nikhilam Sutra: Simplifies large number multiplications by subtracting from the nearest power of ten.
  • Paravartya Sutra: Used for division and solving algebraic equations.

Utilizing Storytelling and Visualization

Storytelling and Visualization are powerful tools for making concepts more clear and precise for students. Graphs, charts, and pictorial representations are some of the visual aids which can simplify complex ideas. Storytelling can make maths problems more engaging and entertaining.

Visual Learning Techniques

  • Graphs and Charts: Help in understanding data and statistical concepts.
  • Pictorial Problems: Use images to explain word problems and mathematical scenarios.
  • Animations and Videos: Offer dynamic explanations of mathematical theories and principles.


By implementing the above strategies, we can transform interest of mathematics in students mind. Though real life applications, interactive tools, storytelling, etc , we can unlock the power to play with numbers and to create a long term interest in maths.


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